Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for May 1, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

LA Times: Hackers Hit State Offices’ Web Sites 01-May-01 06:41:35 ET

Story Highlights:“Hackers vandalized Web sites Monday operated by the California Energy Commission and Secretary of State Bill Jones, posting anti-American statements on the sites and in one case a picture of a Chinese flag…”

* * *

“The incidents occurred two days after two Web sites operated by federal agencies were taken over by hackers…”

Full Story on LA Times

E-Commerce Times: Open Web for the World Wide Thief 01-May-01 12:28:31 ET

Story Highlights:“The Internet was supposed to allow us to have a world without borders…”

* * *

“Unfortunately, the borderless nature of the World Wide Web — arguably the attribute that makes it so attractive to electronic commerce — has become one of the most dangerous things about it…”

Full Story on E-Commerce Times

Computer User: Chinese Hacktivist Threat Continues to Build 01-May-01 03:09:10 ET

Story Highlights:“Ongoing research compiled over the weekend suggests that Chinese threats of a hacker attack on U.S. Web sites is continuing to build, says Vigilinx, the risk assessment service company…”

* * *

“Vigilinx’ comments come as, a hacker monitoring site, has reported that the UPI Web site was defaced overnight, apparently by Chinese hackers…”

Full Story on Computer User

Ananova: Opening Salvoes Fired in US-China Hacking War 01-May-01 05:42:52 ET

Story Highlights:“Duelling between hackers in the US and China has stepped up with dozens of websites hit in the last 24 hours….”

* * *

“The White House website was among 14 US sites defaced or hit with e-mail ‘bombs’…”

Full Story on Ananova

BBC: US and Chinese Hackers Trade Blows 01-May-01 07:56:05 ET

Story Highlights:“As Chinese and US diplomats work to re-establish normal relations in the wake of the spy plane row, hackers in both countries are continuing the conflict in cyberspace…”

* * *

“Responding to a wave of attacks by US hackers, a group of Chinese hackers are embarking on a campaign to deface as many American websites as possible…”

Full Story on BBC

The Register: $1M Hacking Contest Planned 01-May-01 12:18:01 ET

Story Highlights:“A Canadian start-up firm is planning a hacking competition that will offer a prize of a cool $1 million to anyone who can crack its security product…”

* * *

“Saafnet believes its forthcoming AlphaShield 2000 technology provides immunity from cyberattack for home users and small business with always on broadband connections…”

Full Story on The Register

BBC News: BBC Website Hacked 01-May-01 12:34:26 ET

Story Highlights:Hackers have broken into a BBC internal communications network and posted a web page in support of Kashmiri independence…”

* * *

“A server at BBC Monitoring was hacked into on 30 April and a notice from the ‘Silverlords for the freedom of Kashmir’ placed on the website…”

Full Story on BBC News

ZDNET UK: News roundup: How real is the May Day hack threat? 01-May-01 06:07:39 ET

Story Highlights:“The threat of hacking attacks to accompany this year’s May Day protests has been played down by both police and activists, after warnings prior to previous anti-capitalist demonstrations proved to be largely unfounded…”

* * *

“The UK’s National High Tech Crime Unit has said it is not planning any action to protect firms from possible hacking attacks…”

Full Story on ZDNET UK

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