Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for May 7, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

E-Commerce Times: Absence of Virus-Rating Standard Another Headache for Computer Users 06-May-02 07:41:11 ET

Story Highlights:“Here’s a riddle for computer users: What’s the difference between the W32/Klez.H virus and mailto:W32.Klez.G, Win32.Klez.I@mm and Klez.K? The answer, it turns out, is nothing…”

* * *

“There are no official standards for naming nasty computer bugs. So when this latest variation of the “Klez” worm emerged, anti-virus software makers each had their own idea of what it should be called…”

Full Story on E-Commerce Times

MSNBC: AIM Vulnerability Resurfaces 06-May-02 12:01:34 ET

Story Highlights:“AOL Time Warner failed to properly fix a security hole in its AOL Instant Messenger application, leaving its users vulnerable to a new way to exploit the same flaw…”

* * *

“The current incarnation of the bug could have been just as dangerous as the previous version, publicized in January, allowing malicious AIM users the ability to execute any program on a vulnerable users computer…”

Full Story on MSNBC

PCWorld: Aging Worms Still Crawl, Threaten Net 06-May-02 07:26:49 ET

Story Highlights:“The Nimda and Code Red worms, which emerged along with dire warnings that they could bring down large sections of the Internet (but didn’t), may have a second chance…”

* * *

“New data in a study by Arbor Networks shows that both worms are alive and well, and still infecting new victims daily…”

Full Story on PCWorld

MSNBC: Web Attack in the Workplace 07-May-02 09:45:44 ET

Story Highlights:“Last year the network at Beauty Fashion magazine, a small trade publication in New York, was simultaneously infected by two viruses: Code Red and Nimda…”

* * *

“The attack destroyed all the computers files and shut down Internet access for three days. After several thousand dollars worth of help from outside consultants, most of the information was restored. Some files of old articles, though, were irretrievable…”

Full Story on MSNBC

Wired: A Challenge To Dissect Some Code 07-May-02 02:00:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Cleaning malicious code from a system as quickly as possible should never be an administrator’s primary goal, security experts agree…”

* * *

“Administrators should instead focus on carefully dissecting malicious program code and preserving the evidence of attacks…”

Full Story on Wired

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