Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for November 5, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNN: Electronic Elections: What About Security? 05-Nov-02 10:02:48 ET

Story Highlights:“As Americans go to the polls today, a record number of counties — almost one fifth by some estimates — will be tallying the votes on electronic voting machines…”

* * *

“But some experts worry that despite rigorous testing, the machines may not be as secure as their makers promise…”

Full Story on CNN

MSNBC: Online Job Listing an ID Theft Scam 04-Nov-02 12:11:43 ET

Story Highlights:“It was just the job lead Jim needed: a marketing manager position with Arthur Gallagher, a leading international insurance broker. And only days after Jim responded to the job posting on, a human resources director sent along a promising e-mail…”

* * *

“It was all just an elaborate identity theft scam designed to prey on the most vulnerable potential victims — the increasing ranks of the unemployed…”

Full Story on MSNBC

The Register: Mozilla Riddled with Security Holes 05-Nov-02 10:38:21 ET

Story Highlights:“Versions of Mozilla previous to version 1.0.1 contain multiple security vulnerabilities, so users need to update their browser software…”

* * *

“The flaws could be used by an attacker to read data off of the local hard drive, gain information which should normally be kept private, and in some cases to execute arbitrary code…”

Full Story on The Register Bride of Funlove Virus Getting Around 04-Nov-02 14:10:08 ET

Story Highlights:“A new e-mail worm circulating on the Internet is capable of spreading a variant of the FunLove virus to vulnerable machines running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system…”

* * *

“The new worm, named W32/Braid.A or I-Worm.Bridex, arrives in an e-mail message without a subject and is contained in an attachment named README.EXE…”

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ComputerWorld: Hacking Syndicates Threaten Banking 04-Nov-02 12:00:25 ET

Story Highlights:” The number of organized hacking syndicates targeting financial institutions around the world is growing at a disturbingly fast rate…”

* * *

“And so is the number of banks willing to pay these high-tech extortionists hush money to protect their reputations…”

Full Story on ComputerWorld

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