Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for October 17, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Computer User: States Plan Center to Protect IT Infrastructure 16-Oct-01 03:08:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Plans are under way among state governments to establish a national information-sharing center to boost network security and protect information technology infrastructures that belong to the states…”

* * *

“The information-sharing center would record and report security breaches across state IT enterprises, provide early warnings to other states of network breaches and…”

Full Story on Computer User

Fairfax I.T.: Anthrax Spreads Its Fear To a New E-Mail Worm 17-Oct-01 00:37:01 ET

Story Highlights:“Computer hackers are preying on worldwide fears that anthrax is being spread by terrorists. A new computer virus purporting to be an information bulletin on the deadly disease has been released into Internet e-mail systems…”

* * *

“The virus, technically known as a worm because it is self-propagating similar to the infamous Melissa and ILOVEYOU viruses, is seen as dangerous because of current concerns in the US, Europe and Australia about anthrax-infected paper mail…”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

ZDNET: SirCam’s Comeback Ends Up a Flop 16-Oct-01 1:04:49 ET

Story Highlights:“A bug in the code of the SirCam worm has prevented the malicious program from reactivating its payload, which would have deleted files on infected PCs Tuesday…”

* * *

“Code in the worm, which continues to spread among unprotected computers connected to the Internet, would have turned programs attempting to execute on Oct. 16 into…”

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The Register: Recording Industry Exploits WTC Tragedy to Hack You 16-Oct-01 10:51:32 ET

Story Highlights:“Capitol Hill lobbyists representing the Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) tried to attach a self-serving amendment to recent anti-terror legislation which would have made it legal for copyright owners to hack computer networks in search of copyright-infringing material and destroy them…”

* * *

“Panic over proposals which would have made all forms of hacking and computer sabotage a ‘terrorist act’ punishable by life in prison appears to have inspired the entertainment industry to…”

Full Story on The Register

Computer User: Novell Patches Security Hole in GroupWise Server 17-Oct-01 03:07:47 ET

Story Highlights:“Novell Inc. is urging users of its GroupWise software for messaging and collaboration to patch a security hole that could allow an intruder to view any file on a GroupWise server via the application’s Web interface…”

* * *

“The problem is found in the WebAccess system of the GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack and in the most-recent GroupWise 6 release…”

Full Story on Computer User

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