Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for October 8, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ZDNET: IBM Clamps Down on Wireless Security 04-Oct-01 05:14:11 ET

Story Highlights:“IBM, based in Armonk, N.Y., said it put together a broad-based offering by its services division, Global Services, that helps companies assess, plan and implement ways to make their wireless applications and transactions more secure…”

* * *

“IBM also said it will launch a new version of its risk management software, Tivoli Risk Manager, that includes the ability for a corporation to manage its wireless risks the same way it manages its firewalls, servers and other security exposures…”

Full Story on ZDNET

MSNBC: Dirty Tricks of Hunt for al-Qaida Cash 05-Oct-01 19:36:49 ET

Story Highlights:“It wouldn’t be the first time the U.S. government has undertaken covert computer attacks to track enemy money…”

* * *

“A German hacker claims his pals have done just that. And while most experts are skeptical of his claim, they concede that finding al-Qaida funds tucked away in banks around the world might require a few dirty digital tricks…”

Full Story on MSNBC

Fairfax I.T.: US: FBI Agents Search the Web for Terrorist Tracks 08-Oct-01 13:49:37 ET

Story Highlights:“FBI agents are searching the internet for clues left behind by the hijackers who slammed fuel-laden planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon…”

* * *

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has deployed a special unit, the ‘Computer Analysis Response Team’ to conduct the web-based operation aimed at tracking down the terrorists behind the September 11 attacks…”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

The Seattle Times: Protecting Yourself From Nosy E-Snoops 06-Oct-01 13:49:02 ET

Story Highlights:“When my words left my computer, I used to think they were protected and could flit around the Internet with no chance of interception. I used to ridicule the notion of someone listening in, as that would require physical access to network hubs or something inside my office. But I’m not so dismissive anymore…”

* * *

“Because most data we send and receive outside of Web-page images contains text, interception means our private messages and Web pages we browse become potentially public…”

Full Story on The Seattle Times

ZDNET: Extremist Sites Under Heightened Scrutiny 08-Oct-01 03:10:54 ET

Story Highlights:“Like many other groups, Muslim extremists have found the Internet to be a convenient tool for spreading propaganda and helpful hints for their followers around the world…”

* * *

“Now, however, Web sites calling for jihad, or holy war, against the West are coming under increasing scrutiny, and some have been closed…”

Full Story on ZDNET

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