Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for October 9, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Wired: Report: Net Not Getting Any Safer 09-Oct-02 02:20:17 ET

Story Highlights:“A recent Aberdeen Group report paints a dismal landscape of a digitalworld of compromised service providers, undermined networks and virus-riddledcomputers…”

* * *

“While some experts contend the report is way toomelodramatic, a new industry consortium — including Microsoft, Oracle,Guardent, SGI, Network Associates, BindView Corporation and five othercompanies — aims to even the odds between software developers trying to plugsecurity holes and hackers trying to exploit them…”

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The Register: Satellite Systems Hackable – Study 09-Oct-02 08:10:21 ET

Story Highlights:“Critical commercial satellite systems relied upon by federal agencies,civilians and the Pentagon are potentially vulnerable to a variety ofsophisticated hack attacks that could cause service disruptions, or even senda satellite spinning out of control…”

* * *

“The GAO report, datedAugust 30th but not released publicly until Thursday, criticizes the WhiteHouse for not taking the vulnerabilities into account in its nationalcybersecurity planning, a criticism it also extends back to the Clintonadministration…”

Full Story on The Register

MSNBC: A Hacker Creates Headaches For Security-Card Company 09-Oct-02 10:15:47 ET

Story Highlights:“Technology companies often co-opt troublesome computer hackers by hiringthem…”

* * *

“But as NDS Group PLC has learned over the past six months,such arrangements can be risky…”

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The Register: Microsoft Marries RSA Security to Windows 08-Oct-02 12:41:17 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft has signed a wide-ranging deal to incorporate RSA encryptiontechnology into its applications and services…”

* * *

“The agreement,announced today (without financial details), is pitched as a key component inMicrosoft’s Trustworthy computing push…”

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CNN: Famed Hacker Hawking Historic Laptops 09-Oct-02 10:44:05 ET

Story Highlights:“Famed hacker Kevin Mitnick is hoping to make some money by auctioning offthe infamous laptops he used to break into networks while he was a fugitive inthe 1990s…”

* * *

“Labeled a ‘computer terrorist,’ Mitnick was on therun from the FBI for three years, hacking into the networks of Novell Inc.,Motorola Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc., Nokia Corp. and computer scientistTsutomu Shimomura, who helped the government capture him…”

Full Story on CNN

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