Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for September 19, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNN: Experts Slam Cybersecurity Plan 19-Sep-02 10:18:10 ET

Story Highlights:“Computer security experts denounced a White House panel’s eagerly awaited strategy on defending the nation’s critical systems from cyberattacks, assailing Wednesday’s report for not being tough enough…”

* * *

“Instead of proposing bold government actions, the ‘National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace’ stresses voluntary cooperation and education…”

Full Story on CNN

The Register: MS Silently Fixes Password Sniffing Bug with XP SP1 19-Sep-02 14:14:52 ET

Story Highlights:“Keystrokes, including passwords, can be sniffed when using Windows Terminal Server or the XP remote control feature…”

* * *

“MS has rolled a fix silently into SP1 without making any public statement on this serious problem…”

Full Story on The Register

Washington Post: A Short History of Computer Viruses and Attacks 18-Sep-02 12:00:51 ET

Story Highlights:“1945: A moth is found trapped between relays in a computer operated by the U.S. Navy. From then on, problems with computers are referred to as ‘bugs,’ and the process of removing them is called ‘debugging…'”

* * *

“1949: Hungarian scientist John von Neumann (1903-1957) devises the theory of self-replicating programs…”

Full Story on Washington Post

Wired: A Gathering of Big Crypto Brains 19-Sep-02 02:00:06 ET

Story Highlights:“In a lush country hotel 20 miles south of Dublin, the barroom conversation turns to steganography and database vulnerabilities, encryption algorithms and biometric scanners, SWAP files and cookie poisoning…”

* * *

“Not your average pub denizens, the speakers are some of the best-known names in cryptography and security, gathered for one of the industry’s best-kept secrets: the annual COSAC conference…”

Full Story on Wired

ABCNews: Date Rape Drug Sweep 19-Sep-02 11:47:09 ET

Story Highlights:“Attorney General John Ashcroft announced a major crackdown on Internet drug traffickers today, disclosing that 115 dealers of the ‘date rape’ drug GHB had been arrested in 84 cities in the United States and Canada…”

* * *

“‘This takedown is a dose of harsh reality for drug traffickers who seek to exploit the vast markets and anonymity of cyberspace,’ Ashcroft said…”

Full Story on ABCNews

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