Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for September 23, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world. Vulnerabilities Uncovered in Cisco VPN Client Software 20-Sep-02 20:15:37 ET

Story Highlights:“New vulnerabilities discovered in the Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) 5000 Client software could allow an attacker to gain root access to a local workstation running the VPN client software or to capture password information used by the client…”

* * *

“The root access vulnerability affects versions of the VPN 5000 Client for Linux and Solaris, while the password vulnerability affects the VPN 5000 Client for Macintosh…”

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PCWorld: Win XP Update Crashes Some PCs 20-Sep-02 19:11:32 ET

Story Highlights:“Some Windows XP users are having trouble installing the operating system’s first service pack, bulging with bug fixes and updated drivers — and are judging the cure worse than the disease…”

* * *

“Although SP1 plugs a major hole in the OS, the fix has been painful for a tiny but vocal few of the estimated 1 million users who have downloaded the update…”

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Wired: Online Gaming Illegal (Wink Wink) 23-Sep-02 02:20:31 ET

Story Highlights:“The U.S. Justice Department insists online gambling is against the law…”

* * *

“And some credit card companies won’t finance gaming habits. But that’s not stopping online bettors from rolling the dice…”

Full Story on Wired Symantec Set To Announce Security Management System 20-Sep-02 13:00:21 ET

Story Highlights:“Symantec Corp. is set to unveil a new network security management tool called Symantec Security Management System (SSMS) in an event scheduled for Oct. 1…”

* * *

“The new product will provide customers with a holistic view of their network security…”

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ZDNET: When Is Hacking a Crime? 23-Sep-02 04:32:58 ET

Story Highlights:“Kevin Finisterre admits that he likes to hew close to the ethical line separating the ‘white hat’ hackers from the bad guys, but little did he know that his company’s actions would draw threats of a lawsuit from Hewlett-Packard…”

* * *

“This summer, the consultant with security firm Secure Network Operations had let HP know of nearly 20 holes in its Tru64 operating system. But in late July, when HP was finishing work to patch the flaws, another employee of Finisterre’s company publicly disclosed one of the vulnerabilities and showed how to exploit it…”

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