Microsoft Shoots Itself in the Foot

Shame on you Microsoft! Last week you admitted to downloading gigabits of Windows 10 data to users’ hard drives without permission. The problem is, that move both took up our hard drive space and triggered Internet Service Provider fees. You did it without even asking our permission. Hey, Microsoft, who the hell do you think you are?

The simple solution is this: Ask permission. Users who want the data will be happy to get it and pay for it. Those who are not interested should be respected as well. Showing them respect will save them space and money.

Why can’t Microsoft understand that simple solution? It would be helpful to their users and therefore helpful to Microsoft as well. Will the company listen? I doubt it.

The current method simply goes too far. Typical Microsoft. I believe the lack of care and respect shown to customers is going to be very costly. Today customers have choice. Today Apple is a growing force in the OS business. So is Google, with its Chrome OS. There are others as the OS space changes.

If Microsoft continues to show disrespect to users, it will lose market share.

Microsoft Threatens Microsoft

This behavior is a real threat to Microsoft. In today’s world, a company must protect and strengthen customer relationships. So why in the world would Microsoft shoot itself in the foot by hurting its customers this way?

Then again, this has been Microsoft’s way of doing business for a long time. It never cared about the customer — it never had to. There was no competition. All the company ever focused on was growth. It was always Microsoft’s way or the highway.

However, things are changing. Now market share is at risk. Customers have choices, and those choices are increasing. That should cause Microsoft to rethink its unattractive and domineering behavior.

Many people have been Microsoft users for decades — not because they love the company, but because it offered a good product. Now, that may not be enough to keep users as customers.

Microsoft Takes Your Disk Space and Money

Just think about what Microsoft is doing right now. Whether you choose to accept Windows 10 data or not, Microsoft sends it to you. That means it wastes gigabits of your hard drive space.

In addition, sending gigabits costs you money with your ISP. Plus, Microsoft is sending it without asking your permission. Who pays for that? You do, in your ISP bill every month.

I have been getting messages from Comcast saying my Internet usage is suddenly up and they are charging me extra. I couldn’t figure it out. Now I realize it may be Microsoft’s fault.

Simple Solution: Ask Permission

Shouldn’t Microsoft ask your permission before doing this? It sure should. That way, those who want it would get it and those who don’t, wouldn’t.

So the big question persists, why does Microsoft continue this abusive behavior? I think it may do this because this is the way the company always has behaved.

Well, the time for taking it is over. That time has passed. It’s time to raise some hell!

Jeff Kagan

E-Commerce Times columnist Jeff Kagan is a wireless analyst, telecom analyst, industry analyst, consultant and speaker who has been sharing his colorful perspectives on the changing industry for 25 years. Email him at [email protected].

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