Network Security Roundup for August 12, 2003

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TechNewsWorld: Windows Threat Realized – Blaster Worm Spreads12-Aug-03 07:05 ET

Story Highlights:“A widely anticipated threat materialized this week as a worm that exploits a Microsoft Windows flaw began infecting some of the millions of vulnerable machines around the world. Experts said the relatively simple ‘Blaster’ worm — also referred to as ‘LoveSan’ — was spreading at a steady pace Monday but was not infecting as quickly as the Nimda or Slammer worms, which quickly clogged corporate networks during those outbreaks.”

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TechWeb: Businesses, Not Law Enforcement, Held Responsible for Cyber-Crime11-Aug-03 18:05 ET

Story Highlights:“By 2005, one in five enterprises will experience a serious Internet security incident targeting information and intellectual property, Gartner analysts said in a new study. Of those attacks, nearly one in three will be either financially or politically motivated, said the report’s author, Richard Hunter, a Gartner vice president and research director. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of users, enterprises, and unsecured systems to usher in high-profit, low-overhead crimes.”

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The Register: IT Systems Constantly Need Greater Protection12-Aug-03 09:15 ET

Story Highlights:“Increased interest in security solutions amongst enterprises globally has ensured that security product revenues have exceeded those of many other IT solutions. Ian Williams, program manager for Datamonitor’s Enterprise Security team, looks at the growing awareness of the constant need to offer greater protection to IT systems.”

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ComputerWorld: Anti-US Hackers Deface Australian Government Site12-Aug-03 09:22 ET

Story Highlights:“An Australian government Web site has been revealed as another victim of Sunday night’s Web defacement spree by hacker group The Ghost Boys, with the URLs and hijacked to show anti-US messages.”

Full Story on ComputerWorld

The Register: Slovenian Hacker Found Shot Dead12-Aug-03 12:21 ET

Story Highlights:“A Slovenian hacker who ran into legal conflict with one of the country’s leading banks over an alleged security weakness was found dead last week.”

Full Story on The Register

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