Network Security Roundup for July 14, 2003

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Computer World: The Story So Far: IT Security14-Jul-03 08:46 ET

Story Highlights:“Fred Cohen already knew about worms, Trojan horses and hackers in November 1983. But as a graduate student participating in a weekly seminar on computer security, Cohen was interested in a new class of security threats: a program that reproduced itself by attaching to other programs.”

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CNN: Program Hijacks PCs To Send Porn Ads14-Jul-03 06:07 ET

Story Highlights:“Close to 2,000 Windows-based PCs with high-speed Internet connections have been hijacked by a stealth program and are being used to send ads for pornography, computer security experts warned.”

Full Story on CNN Virus Alert: Worm Uses Own SMTP Engine To Spread12-Jul-03 16:07 ET

Story Highlights:“W32/Israz-A is an email worm that spreads using its own SMTP engine. W32/Israz-A also targets the KaZaA file-sharing utility. Upon execution the worm creates copies of itself in the Windows system folder with the filenames vShell.exe and Win32.exe.”

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Fairfax I.T.: Latest Nigerian Email Scam Comes from Above14-Jul-03 06:07 ET

Story Highlights:“The latest variant of the Nigerian email scam to hit mailboxes has a decidedly religious angle. And there’s apparently nothing illegal about the big sum of money which the good soul perpetrating the scam is trying to invest.”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

The Register: ‘Open and Helpful Community’ – of Credit Card Thieves14-Jul-03 10:34 ET

Story Highlights:“Credit card fraud ‘power users’ with programming skills and no fear are making it easier for newbies to break into white-collar crime.”

Full Story on The Register

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