Network Security Roundup for November 14, 2003

E-Commerce Times: Spam Fighting for SmallBusinesses14-Nov-03 6:58 ETStory Highlights:“As companies begin to pay more attention toeliminating spam, a host of software makers are tryingto cash in on the trend, giving companies a wealth ofoptions. Even small businesses, always on tightbudgets, have an abundance of low-cost choices tochoose among. Picking the right one can be achallenge, but as long as a company can pinpoint whichkinds of spam to block, how strong it needs its filterto be and how much extra work it is willing to takeon, the decision becomes less daunting.”

Full Story on the E-Commerce Times MyTunes Software OverridesiTunes Anti-Piracy Feature14-Nov-03 9:33 ET

Story Highlights:“A US programmer has developed a software toolwhich allows users to download shared music filesusing the Windows version of Apple Computer’s iTunessoftware. The software undermines anti-piracy featuresdeveloped by Apple to ensure that iTunes is not usedto distribute music illegally, although the authorwarns that the software should not be used in any suchillegal fashion.”

Full Story on Al-Jazeera Hack Sees LA Web DesignerSentenced14-Nov-03 8:33 ET

Story Highlights:“A Los Angeles resident has been fined andsentenced to community service for hacking into thewebsite of satellite TV network Al-Jazeera during thewar in Iraq and rerouting visitors to a page featuringan American flag and the words ‘let freedom ring’. Ata sentencing hearing on Wednesday, US District JudgeHoward Matz told web designer John William Racine II:’I don’t think of you as an evil person … but thiswas a crime. It wasn’t just a childish prank.'”

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The Register: Phishing and Viral Tech Combine inNew Menace14-Nov-03 6:52 ET

Story Highlights:“A new computer virus targets PayPal users in anattempt to dupe consumers into divulging sensitivecredit card details. Mimail-I, the latest in a seriesof security-threatening worms, has spread widely sinceits first appearance yesterday. Mimail-I typicallyarrives in an email with a subject line of ‘YOURPAYPAL.COM ACCOUNT EXPIRES’, asking recipients toprovide detailed information about their credit card,claiming that PayPal is ‘implementing a new securitypolicy.'”

Full Story on The Register

CNN: Blackmail Latest Scam for Hackers13-Nov-03 9:58 ET

Story Highlights:“The rapid growth of broadband home computerconnections may be inadvertently fueling what policesuspect could be the start of a new crime wave –cyber-blackmail. As more homes connect to fasterdelivery systems, their computers are becomingvulnerable to hackers and virus writers who can turnthem into ‘zombie’ machines, ready to carry out anymalevolent command. Favorite targets for theextortionists — many thought to come from EasternEurope — have been casinos and retailers.”

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