Network Security Roundup for September 26, 2003

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TechNewsWorld: Spammers Fight Back with Denial-of-Service Attacks26-Sep-03 12:45 ET

Story Highlights:“In the face of increasingly tougher state and federal law that includes fines as heavy as $1 million and potential jail time, spammers are hitting back by attacking antispam Web sites known for assisting administrators in the fight against unwanted commercial e-mail. The latest activity marks a distinct escalation in the war over spam.”

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The Register: Sobig Linked to DDoS Attacks on Anti-Spam Sites25-Sep-03 14:22 ET

Story Highlights:“A senior anti-spam activist is calling on law enforcement authorities to track down the perpetrators behind a widespread and sustained attack on anti-spam sites. The call, from Steve Linford of Spamhaus, comes along with fresh evidence that the assaults have been enabled by the infamous Sobig worm.”

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SecurityFocus: Car Shoppers’ Credit Details Exposed in Bulk25-Sep-03 16:03 ET

Story Highlights:“At least 1,000 automobile shoppers who submitted online credit applications to any of 150 different automotive dealerships around the U.S. had their personal and financial details exposed on a publicly accessible website, according to a computer security consultant who stumbled across the privacy gaffe.”

Full Story on SecurityFocus

Associated Press: Firm with Microsoft Ties Fires Executive25-Sep-03 20:33 ET

Story Highlights:“The chief technology officer for a technology firm that works closely with Microsoft Corp. lost his job after he helped write a study critical of the insecurity of Microsoft software. Daniel E. Geer Jr., an expert with nearly three decades studying technology and computer security, learned Thursday he was no longer employed by AtStake Inc. of Cambridge, Mass.”

Full Story on Yahoo News

BBC News: Lloyds TSB E-Mail Scam Alert24-Sep-03 12:12 ET

Story Highlights:“Lloyds TSB has become the latest UK bank to be targeted by e-mail fraudsters, BBC News Online has learned. The bank is warning its customers to watch out for a wave of bogus e-mails designed to extract personal bank details from them. The false e-mails tell people their debit account will be cancelled unless they reconfirm their membership.”

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