Network Security Roundup for September 9, 2003

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The Register: Forgive Me My Trespasses09-Sep-03 16:29 ET

Story Highlights:“Last month, a federal appeals court in California dramatically and unwarrantedly expanded the scope of the federal criminal law prohibiting ‘unauthorized access’ to computers and electronic mail. This ruling, reported on SecurityFocus, opens the door for civil lawyers and prosecutors alike to punish as computer ‘hacking’ and ‘trespass’ a whole host of activities that have virtually nothing to do with computer crime.”

Full Story on The Register

PCWorld: Hole Reported in Microsoft Patch08-Sep-03 14:32 ET

Story Highlights:“Security experts are warning Microsoft customers about silent Internet attacks that exploit a security flaw in the Internet Explorer Web browser, potentially allowing remote attackers to run malicious code on vulnerable machines.”

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Computerworld: Protection of Critical Systems Still Haphazard08-Sep-03 09:21 ET

Story Highlights:“Two years after terrorists killed 3,000 people, the government and the private sector are still struggling to define priorities for the security of the nation’s critical infrastructure and to turn those priorities into real systems and programs.”

Full Story on Computerworld

Fairfax I.T.: SCO Demands Name of Website Attacker09-Sep-03 08:11 ET

Story Highlights:“The SCO Group has asked Open Source Initiative president Eric Raymond to disclose the name of the person who carried out a distributed denial of service attack on the company’s website last month, ‘so that justice can be done.'”

Full Story on Fairfax I.T.

PCWorld: Norton Updates Toughen Online Security08-Sep-03 12:48 ET

Story Highlights:“Norton Utilities have shifted their focus from desktop calamities to online threats, and the 2004 updates being released this month target spammers, viruses, and other online threats.”

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