Supercomputing and Visualization: SGI Moves Forward

Silicon Graphics recently completed the third quarter of its fiscal year 2004 with what the company says is "continued momentum" for its products introduced throughout the past year: the SGI Altix family of servers, SGI InfiniteStorage products, Silicon Graphics Onyx4 UltimateVision systems and Sili...

SGI Scales Linux to 256 Processors, Plans for 512

Silicon Graphics on Wednesday touted as a breakthrough and industry first its achievement of support for as many as 256 Intel Itanium 2 processors with a single instance of the Linux operating system. In addition to immediate availability of its Advanced Linux Environment with ProPack 2.4 for Altix ...

SGI Launches Initiative To Improve Linux Visualization

Silicon Graphics this week launched an initiative that will bring the company's graphics technology to computers running Linux. The initiative consists of two elements: SGI's collaboration with various open-source graphics projects, including Chromium, and SGI's release of a tool kit for developers....

SGI Intros Low-Cost Linux Server to Technical-Computing Market

Silicon Graphics has been struggling to regain its dominance in the high-performance technical-computing market. Now, with the release of SGI Altix 350, a new Intel Itanium 2 and 64-bit Linux OS-based server, SGI is trying to make a major impact on the landscape of the $2.6 billion midrange segment ...

SCO Takes Claims to SGI, Appeals to Open-Source Community

In a letter posted today on its company Web site and some open-source sites, SCO Group chief executive Darl McBride aimed the company's Unix-code-in-Linux claims at Silicon Graphics, which SCO says it is in discussions with over the matter. McBride also criticized the existing open-source software d...


SGI Introduces Quad-Processor Workstation

SGI has announced a new workstation designed for visualization, multiprocessing and digital media. Called the Tezro, the workstation can be configured with up to four 700-MHz MIPS RISC processors, each with 4 MB of Level-2 cache. SGI designed the VPro chipset for handling advanced modeling, 3D light...

Red Hat Ships Linux For Compaq

Linux vendor Red Hat (Nasdaq: RHAT) announced this week that it has begun shipping a new version of its Linux OS for Compaq Alpha computer systems.

Red Hat Joins Intel ISP Program

Open-source software solutions developer Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq: RHAT) announced yesterday that it will work with Intel's recently-established Internet Service Provider (ISP) Program to foster development through product, service and support offerings.

Red Hat Updates Linux

Linux vendor and Wall Street sensation Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq: RHAT) has announced the launch of version 6.1 of its open-source operating system (OS) distribution. The updated release, which focuses on ease-of-use and installation features, is aimed at pushing business-level Linux adoption.

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