Closing Up Wireless Security Holes

Because they offer users network-access flexibility as they move from place to place, wireless LANs -- often called WLANs -- have gained significant acceptance. While the technology has proven to be a boon to maintenance technicians, salespersons and programmers, it has been a sometimes vexing secur...


Linux, China, HP, Apple and Other ‘Outside the Box’ Stories

Last week was looking relatively uneventful until I got a copy of SCO CEO Darl McBride's "Open Letter" in which he argues that the Linux GPL is unconstitutional. Now, for some of you, you red-lined the letter and spent the next several hours posting your pronounced disagreement with this position to...

Passphrase Flaw Exposed in WPA Wireless Security

A research paper posted online warns of holes in the latest WiFi (or 802.11) wireless cryptography protocol and outlines how WiFi Protected Access (WPA) can be compromised using a traditional network assault known as a dictionary attack. The paper, written by TruSecure's ICSA Labs senior technical d...

Cybercrime Roundup for July 7, 2003

ECT News Network's daily roundup of cybercrime news from around the world.

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