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Exclusive Interview:

In July of 1998, after spearheading the effort to transform MSNBC into a leading online news service, Peter Neupert traded his executive office at Microsoft for a new challenge as President and CEO of

Small Business Success Story:

Q What kinds of products or services do you sell on your site?

E-Commerce Success Story:

Q What is, and what do you sell on the site? A is a premier online destination for film-related content and commerce.

Exclusive Interview:

E-commerce had its share of superstars emerge in 1999, but few companies had a greater impact on the industry than

Exclusive Interview: America Online, Patrick Gates, Vice-President of E-Commerce

The giant merger between Time Warner and America Online is poised to change the business landscape forever, and e-commerce is going to play an integral role in that transformation. In fact, AOL President Robert Pittman was quoted as saying that the merger will allow the two firms to "blow the roof o...

Microsoft Declared A Monopoly

Federal judge Thomas Penfield Jackson released late Friday afternoon a much-anticipated decision in which Microsoft was determined to be operating as a monopoly. This ruling is expected to have a tremendous impact on the future of Microsoft, as well as on the direction of the global computer softwar...

Blinded By The E-Commerce Gold Rush

Not a day goes by without the press reporting yet another story about a small start-up that has suddenly exploded into the e-commerce stratosphere. From literally nowhere, a company appears, gobbles up an untapped market and becomes an IPO Cinderella.

How often do you receive an email that you suspect is fraudulent?
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