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I, Robot: A Look Beneath the Action

At this perplexing time in the evolution of mankind, when morality is under extreme magnification, it will be a welcome relief today to be able to escape those dilemmas for a future one -- that being robots who kill. Being the underlying theme of the potential summer blockbuster movie, "I, Robot," t...


What Is ‘State of the Art’ Without Art?

In previous columns, I've described the benefits of transportable music files, especially for getting your music heard. To balance the virtues of such thinking, one must ask oneself whether the method of digital sampling and recording -- or even, for that matter, digital video -- is really capturing...


Kissing Big Music Goodbye: Diary of an Online Musician

With the latest news from Harvard Business School that CD sales are plunging because the record industry is releasing fewer albums -- and not, as the RIAA is stating, because P2P file sharers are undermining sales -- isn't it time for you to release your own music? Remember those tunes you used to p...


Super Vision: Technology, Music and the Inventive Spirit

In this column in the coming months, I will be writing about people with vision in the area of music, the arts and the technical arts. Specifically, I'll focus on what they have created, their views of now and the future, and what motivates them to create. I hope that by writing about unique people ...

Will Elon Musk ultimately purchase Twitter?
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