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Silicon Valley’s Secret Sauce

Business strategists and government officials routinely visit Silicon Valley in hopes of learning how to emulate the area's wildly successful startup culture. Now, thanks to a new book by LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman and entrepreneur Ben Casnocha, the curious can save themselves the plane ticket.


America: It’s Time to Snap Out of the Pro-Death Trance

A Swedish hospital recently announced that a cancer patient was saved after doctors grew him a new windpipe in the lab using a synthetic structure and the man's own stem cells. That might have sounded like science fiction just a few years ago, but today it is landmark news. Regenerative medicine has...


Facebook Shouldn’t Wall Off Minors

Neelie Kroes, EC vice president for the digital agenda, has expressed concern that most social networking sites don't make younger users' profiles private by default. "I am disappointed that most social networking sites are failing to ensure that minors' profiles are accessible only to their approve...

The Antisocial Social Networking Bill

Facebook is having a tough month. First, it was revealed that the company hired a PR firm to portray competitor Google in a negative light, and now it is facing an even worse scenario: government regulation. The Social Networking Privacy Act, introduced into the California Senate, would force any so...


Road to Curation Nation a Bumpy One

Last week, several media giants sent a cease-and-desist letter targeting the iPad app Zite, which aggregates news based on a user's Twitter and Google Reader activity. It may not be legal or fair for apps like Zite to collect content and present it absent the originator's advertisements, but many ob...


Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Edge?

Many of the world's largest tech companies were started by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, but that doesn't mean that the startup mecca of the world will remain dominant forever. Instead, some argue that Silicon Valley stands in danger of losing its competitive edge to entrepreneurs in other parts of...


California Shouldn’t Follow NY’s Internet Tax Plan

California is facing budget problems yet again, and once again state lawmakers are hoping to shake down Internet retailers as a fast source of revenue. A bill introduced by Democratic Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner (AB 153) proposes to force out-of-state businesses to collect tax if they use an in-stat...


In Uncle Sam, You’ve Got a Friend… Who Wants Everybody’s DNA

In the latest WikiLeaks data dump, around a quarter-million confidential American diplomatic cables were published online. Among the tech-relevant secrets, the State Department tasked agents to collect DNA and other biometric information on foreigners of interest. Specifically, U.S. officials were t...

Hey You, Get Off of My Cloud!

By all accounts, cloud computing is the future. The market will grow at five times the rate of traditional IT products, IDC has predicted, estimating it will be worth $55.5 billion by 2014. While the future should be rosy, some policy groups are warning that without proper protections, the sector ...


Cloud Computing Calms Open Source Warfare

Cloud computing, technology delivered over the Internet, has become a hot area in the last few years. The technology marketplace moves at breakneck speeds, but it is still shocking when innovation almost completely wipes out squabbles like those over open source vs. proprietary software. "In a cloud...


Regulators Take Aim at Genomics

The genomics industry, which provides reports about disease risk, ancestry, and drug reactions based on one's DNA, came under fire last week as a Congressional Committee held hearings and the Government Accountability Office released an unscientific "study" of the sector. According to undercover d...


The New Hacker Hobby That Will Change the World

Personal computing altered the world forever, and now the digitization of biology is poised to bring about sweeping change. Craig Venter's recent announcement of the first synthetic genome was a huge milestone, but many outside of Silicon Valley remain unaware of the "do-it-yourself biology" movemen...


Facebook’s Big Fix: All Options Are Not Equal

This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised users that better solutions for privacy concerns will be released soon. It's the young executive's most recent attempt to quell anger over the company's decisions to force users to delete information if they wish to keep it private and to automaticall...


Galileo 2.0: Here Comes Another Apology

During his homily this Easter, Pope Benedict argued that medical science, in trying to defeat death, is leading humanity toward likely condemnation. It's a position at odds with the value of life, one that the Church will likely revise years from now, replaying the institution's embarrassment over c...


Silicon Valley’s Innovative Approach to Creating American Jobs

Silicon Valley is known for innovative ideas in technology, and now some of the area's greatest minds have come up with a new way to solve one of their biggest operational problems: securing foreign talent. It's called the "startup visa" and it's getting a lot of attention in both California and D.C


The Trouble With Augmented Reality and Other Cool Tech

Clearly, exponentially growing technologies are set to change social communications, bringing up a number of touchy privacy and control questions. This year's TED conference showcased a wide variety of gadgets and ideas, one of the most interesting being Microsoft's new "augmented reality" mapping t...


Is Personalized Medicine Anti-Establishment?

The Personalized Medicine World Conference in Silicon Valley last week showcased huge opportunities for new advances in medicine and personalized health. What remained unclear was who will take the lead, what techniques or products will win, and whether the medical establishment will go along or st...


Net’s Top Two Powerhouse Players Talk Policy

At the third annual U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum last week, top government and technology leaders gathered to discuss business and policy topics of mutual interest, such as online child protection and intellectual property issues. The conversation has broad implications for the Net as a whole....


Giving Thanks for Leading Health Technology Advances

While Congress debates an $850 billion healthcare bill with questionable benefits, leaders in the technology industry are quietly creating products and services that will truly reform healthcare. This Thanksgiving, for example, Americans can be appreciative of the incredible price decline in genome...


How to Solve the Net Neutrality Issue

The FCC recently voted to move forward on a rule-making process that could lead to new government regulations for the Internet. That is what the FCC and some activist groups want, although they claim to be supporting only "neutrality." Even key players seem confused. The Open Internet Coalition says...

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