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The State University of Outsourcing

Modern "American dream" stories often start with a romantic phase: A young couple struggles through graduate school, starving on measly stipends covering ramen noodles and cheap wine. Unfortunately, that story is about to disappear, following American manufacturing jobs. College professors are now outsourcing grading, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported in April.


Memo to Congress: Don’t Mess With the Angels

Which marketplace has continued functioning consistently and effectively throughout this downturn? Walk into a room of angel investors and find the answer: Angel investing groups are still going strong throughout this downturn ...


Publishers: The New Filter-Tips

Recently, Amazon announced that it was offering 70 percent royalty rates to authors interested in self-publishing for the Kindle platform. That rate is considerably higher than the 10-ish percent standard in the publishing industry today for print and 25 percent for digital. So where are all the new authors with books flying off the e-shelves and onto the iPads? And if publication is so cheap today, why can't authors demand higher royalty rates? ...


Ripping the Wrong Page From Apple’s E-Playbook

On January 27, a major speech took place: No, it was not the State of the Union address, but Steve Jobs' announcement of the release of the iPad. [*Correction - Feb. 8, 2010] ...


Does ‘Going Hollywood’ Mean Going North?

In the 2002 bestseller The Rise of the Creative Class, author Richard Florida describes his theories on how creative communities grow around two groups of people: 1) artists (broadly defined), media workers, and other classically bohemian sorts of personalities; and 2) university professors, service providers, and other highly educated professionals. ...


Apple’s iConcierge: Do You Feel the Ground Shaking?

The proposed US$30 billion Comcast-NBC Universal deal has entered the labyrinthine process of winning Congressional approval from the antitrust gurus and the Federal Communications Commission. Small cable operators, which apparently still exist, fear that they will be driven out of business by the sprawling new company that would combine NBC's programming with Comcast's vast network of 24 million subscribers. ...

Logitech Gets a Life in Big-League Videoconferencing

Pressure has also increased for Tandberg to close the deal, Andrea Belz of Belz Consulting, told the E-Commerce Times "Tandberg will have a harder time competing against Logitech-LifeSize as a combined force and may find that it needs Cisco more than previously thought," she ...

Amazon Lets Users Shop Around With a Single Phrase

For someone who's making a purchase anyway, the PayPhrase features are just interesting enough to encourage a bit of experimentation, said Andrea Belz of Belz Consulting There's no financial incentive to use it, though, she told the E-Commerce Times. "It's cute, but that's abo...

Intel’s Stronger Outlook Fuels Tech-Sector Cheer

"Eric Schmidt's recent resignation from the Apple board suggests that Google is preparing to make significant moves in the hardware arena," Andrea Belz, principal of Belz Consulting, told the E-Commerce Times. "Furthermore, Apple's own recent strong performance, although it was not fairly reflected in the stock price, show that they are also moving forward."

YouTube, Universal Hook Up for Music Video Site

The site's success has the potential to remake related parts of theindustry as well, Andrea Belz of Belz Consulting told the E-CommerceTimes. "It will be interesting to see if this arrangement changes howartists work with their labels. Will artists decide that they wouldrather work with UMG in order to increase their visibility on YouTube,especially if there is a link to buy their songs?" Other labels havenot had good relationships with YouTube, she noted...

Music-Download Pricing Drifts Away From 99-Cent Comfort Zone

"Experimenting with pricing is the first step in tying theprice to demand, much like air travel," Andrea Belz, a consultant totechnology and entertainment companies, told the E-Commerce Times."The difference is that you have an unlimited song supply, unlike thefixed number of seats on a plane, but there is no reason that a majorpop artist can't have more expensive songs than an obscure indieartist."

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