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Internet’s Fashion District Takes Off

Last year marked the first time clothing retailers attracted more online shopping dollars than computer and software e-tailers took in, according to a report released on Monday ...

Giving Nostalgia a High-Tech Spin

Some things never change -- in our memories, that is. We pump quarters into the jukebox in a crowded bar, waiting for our favorite singles to play and create just the right mood for the evening. We hold up wooden paddles at an estate auction, hoping to score that prized painting for a sweet price. We race to the finish line in the marathon (or, more realistically, a 5K race), pushing toward the moment when the stopwatch, or camera, will record our personal best time...

Google Ups Personalization Ante

First there was the search engine -- think Lycos in 1996. Then came the Web portal -- think Yahoo in 2000. Most recently, the Internet has been dominated by social networking -- think MySpace in 2006. In an effort to bring all three types of popular consumer-facing sites together, Google has launched a collection of personalization tools under the moniker "iGoogle."

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