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Storage: The Achilles’ Heel of Data Center Virtualization

Virtual machines (VMs) have dramatically transformed the way IT organizations approach the computing architecture. Initially employed to provide greater efficiency, server virtualization has quickly revealed that its true benefits are in building an agile data center where resources can be started and stopped as necessary, files are transferred more easily, and disaster recovery and failover are simpler and more reliable. In other words, server virtualization encompasses everything that is characteristic of the modern, dynamic data center and cloud environment...


Next-Gen Linux File Systems: Change Is the New Constant

Changes impacting storage are taking place at every layer of the network architecture: Disk drives are continuing on a Moore's law-like cost/capacity curve, yet concurrently we are also seeing the growth of solid-state technology to overcome the inherent performance limitations of mechanical disk; virtualization is changing how architects think about storage, as we now have operating systems running entirely in user space within a virtual machine; and applications are choosing HTTP over FC as the preferred storage protocol...

Cryptocurrency is a viable hedge against inflation: Agree or Disagree?
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