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Netflix Move Prompts Premature Antivirus Software Obit

"Here at Kaspersky Lab we record over 325,000 new malware samples every day," said North America Managing Director Chris Doggett. "Without AV software as part of a security solution," he told TechNewsWorld, "we'd be giving up the idea of protecting endpoints and mobile device...


5 IT Security Implementation Myths

There's a common perception that implementing comprehensive IT security to protect against today's sophisticated threats and attacks is a difficult and expensive task, and that the benefits of replacing current solutions (even if highly ineffective) are seldom worthwhile. This mindset has resulted in many businesses dealing with a virtual patchwork of disparate systems that are time consuming to manage and costly to keep running at a high-level of performance.

Proposed Amendments to US Cybersecurity Laws Under Scrutiny

"If the proposed legislation were to be enacted, it would certainly have a chilling effect on cybersecurity research," Chris Doggett, managing director at Kaspersky Lab North America, told TechNewsWorld The current law already does this sometimes, and the proposed legislatio...


5 Myths of Virtualization Security: You May Be More Vulnerable Than You Think

Businesses increasingly are relying on virtual machines to handle more critical data and tasks than ever before. The reality is that virtualization is growing as a platform for managing customer data, financial transactions and the applications that businesses use. Simply put, virtualization is a core component of today's mission-critical IT infrastructure...

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