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Don’t Trade Customer Satisfaction for Call Center Efficiency

Increasing contact center efficiency has always been a clear path to cutting costs, regardless of economic conditions. Increasing productivity and doing more with existing resources are now more important than ever, but cutting call center costs does not have to result in poorer customer service ...

The PaaS Era, Part 1: Everybody’s Pounding Out Mashups

There are, however, limitations to this approach. " certainly is on the mark, making its application open and ready to integrate. Doing that advances the value proposition of any Platform as a Service," Francis Carden, founder of OpenSpan, told CRM Buyer "But CRM...

OpenSpan Releases Integration App for Disconnected Call Center Agents

Typical integration technology is now delivered at the back end, which is fine when the applications are modern enough to have application programming interfaces (APIs) included -- but that is not the case with custom built applications or older legacy systems, explained Francis Carden, CEO of OpenSpan...

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