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5 Tokenization Myths Debunked

I have a confession to make: I'm a tokenization junky. I live and breathe tokenization, and have been for a few years now. Since I'm serving as lead chair on the PCI Security Standards Council's Tokenization Working Group, it's my job to know everything about tokenization that's going on in the industry and report back to and advise the council. I also happen to work for a company that's heavily invested in tokenization, and I am keenly interested in helping data security pros understand the benefits of the technology as well as its boundaries.

A CRM Thanksgiving: Optimism and Gratitude

Better integration technologies and strategies were among the most oft-cited reasons vendors gave to be thankful. For instance, Gary Palgon, senior director of B2B service providerNuBridges, told CRM Buyer that item synchronization is one CRM concept he is thankful to see gaining traction...

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