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MySpace Tests Deeper Targeted Ad Waters

"There are other potential pitfalls as well," Kathy Sharpe, CEO of Sharpe Partners, a digital marketing agency, told the E-Commerce Times "This is a platform that requires the user to split attention between an ad and the content, such as a video," she said. "That is differen...


A Question of Fit

The breadth of problems e-commerce has solved is staggering. We can shop 24/7 at most national retailers and many of our local favorites. We are assured of getting one of the first copies of the latest Harry Potter novel long before it hits bookstores. We order tickets for the latest blockbuster movie weeks before opening weekend. We customize the captions on our M&M's as well as the components in our computers...

How will consumers react to Apple's WWDC 2023 announcements?
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