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Microsoft Accepts ‘Common Sense’ Restrictions

Reports suggest that Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) will formally reject the Department of Justice's (DOJ) plans to break up the company, saying that the requirement is a "regulatory death sentence." Today's Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said, however, that Microsoft is willing to concede on other points...

Certified Time Arrives on the Internet

A new company called CertifiedTime Inc. claims that it is the first firm to offer a service that sets computers' clocks to the federal clock and so provide a legally binding audit trail.

European Health Portal To Launch with $19 Million

Plans call for Planet, billed as Europe's first pan-European health portal, to debut on the Web later this year.

World Cybercrime Treaty May Be Underway

Unconfirmed reports circulating on the Usenet suggest that the U.S. government is working with the European Union (EU), Japan, Canada and other countries, including South Africa, on a draft cybercrime treaty that would try to ban hacking and Internet eavesdropping utilities.

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