Gamers Get a Handle on the Wii’s Future Features

When it first came out, the main thing that drew me to the Nintendo Wii was its potential for first-person shooter games. Finally, here was a console on which I could play a "Metroid Prime" game despite my infirmity. By my infirmity, I mean my inability to play an FPS game with any degree of skill o...


Australia’s Illogical Withdrawal From Make-Believe Drugs

"Elder Scrolls: Oblivion" has its stuttering, jittery skooma addicts. "Haze" has its soldiers pumped up with nectar to enhance their combat abilities. "Grand Theft Auto 4" has Jacob, a Rastafarian who is constantly smoking weed. Even Mario had a taste for mushrooms that made him grow and flowers tha...


Video Game Spinoffs: A New Music Revolution?

"Rock Band." "Guitar Hero." "SingStar." These music-oriented video games have become fixtures in popular culture, appearing in movies and on television, and sparking a new musical movement. Younger players are not only gaining exposure to a wider variety of genres and artists, but also getting a bas...


For a Ninja, Itagaki Makes a Pretty Noisy Exit

Tomonobu Itagaki, renowned producer of the "Ninja Gaiden" series and head of Tecmo's Team Ninja, has resigned effective July 1, 2008 -- obviously timing his announcement to coincide with the release of "Ninja Gaiden 2," Team Ninja's latest contribution to the action/adventure genre of the video game...


Exergaming: A Worthy Exercise Alternative?

Nintendo's release of the Wii Fit in May brought the up-and-coming gaming genre of exercise gaming, or exergaming, into the spotlight. Suddenly, it seemed, Nintendo was challenging the long-standing stereotype of the out-of-shape gamer sitting on the couch eating potato chips. But is this new trend ...

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