The Risks and Consequences of Lax Patch Management

Earlier this month, a woman with a life-threatening condition passed away after hackers crashed the IT systems of a major hospital in the city of Dusseldorf. Incidents like this raise the question of why corporations do not patch vulnerabilities as soon as software manufacturers issue a fix.


Security Pros: Be on High Alert for Certificate Changes

They say that the key to good security is constant vigilance. As a practical matter, this means that it's important for security and network pros to pay attention to two things: changes in the threat landscape, so they can be on the alert for how their systems might be attacked; and changes and deve...


E-Mail Protection Software Offers Better Way to Keep a Secret

Employees at all levels within the enterprise are privy to a wide range of sensitive and proprietary information, which holds a high risk of damage if handled inappropriately. Those same employees are highly reliant upon e-mail for the effective distribution of information. And yet, for most of the...


Physical Security Goes High Tech

Brian DeWolfe, senior property manager at Lincoln Property, has a big challenge. The high-end properties he manages in the fast-growing south Florida region require security; indeed, it's one of the biggest line items in the budget, as well as a big draw for potential tenants. Physical security cost...

Elon Musk's Dec. 2 action to release The Twitter Files: Approve or Disapprove?
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