Router Hack Attack Could Expose Home Network Users

Home network users could be vulnerable to attacks from hackers who can alter the configuration of a broadband router or wireless access point. Symantec released its "Drive-By Pharming" attacks report Thursday, roughly two months after security researchers at Symantec and Indiana University first pub...


Bin Laden Suicide Virus: Latest Internet Hoax

An online security firm warned Saturday that the latest Internet virus was using spectacular claims about terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden to trick people into infecting their own computers.


Symantec Identifies First Known 64-Bit Virus

Symantec yesterday captured what the company believes to be the first known virus to attack 64-bit Windows executables on IA64 systems. The virus, called W64.Rugrat, is what Symantec is calling "a fairly simple proof-of-concept virus." Apparently, the virus uses a handful of Win64 APIs from three di...

Elon Musk's Dec. 2 action to release The Twitter Files: Approve or Disapprove?
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