ADTI: Ready for Round Three with Open Sourcers

The same group that said that free and open-source software was a bigger security risk than commercial software and also claimed that Linus Torvalds ripped off the Linux kernel plans to release a new report in a few weeks. Ken Brown, director of the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution's technology pro...


Africa Becoming Vast Frontier for Free and Open Software

Desperately seeking their future, African countries that virtually no Western commercial software vendors have cared about in the past are turning to free and open software. They are doing so at a pace just quick enough to alarm some commercial software vendors, who fear the prospect of an entire co...


Webmin Helping To Spread Use of Linux

The Webmin enterprise has been helping to promote the corporate use of Linux, and cottage industries are emerging to assist in the use of open source through risk management tools and indemnification insurance, research shows. Yankee Group senior analyst Laura DiDio confirmed research shows Linux is...


Writing Linux History: Groklaw’s Role in the SCO Controversy

There's nothing like a good legal battle to whip up passions, and the SCO Group-versus-the-open-source-world dogfight is no exception. Rhetoric runs high. From the open-source advocates, it's "you're stifling free thought in the name of greed." SCO allies counter with "you're attacking the core valu...

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