Hunting Down Virus Writers with F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen

In part 1 of this interview, F-Secure director of antivirus research Mikko Hypponen spoke about getting his start in computer security 13 years ago and the changes he has seen over the years. In this continuation of his chat with the E-Commerce Times, Hypponen talks about what it might take to nab m...


In the Trenches with Antivirus Guru Mikko Hypponen

Amid this year's ongoing plague of viruses and worms, there has been much discussion about virus creators, antivirus software developers and frequent virus targets like Microsoft and The SCO Group. But one important group still toils in near obscurity: the virus hunters. One of the field's most a...

Elon Musk's Dec. 2 action to release The Twitter Files: Approve or Disapprove?
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