Android Emancipation and the Sweet Smell of WiFi: The Week in Tech

If you want a G1 Android phone but you can't bear the thought of using a carrier with pink logo, help is on the way. You can now get a version of the HTC handset that's both SIM-unlocked and hardware-unlocked. But in order to get one -- and, yes, they really are limiting quantities to one per custom...


IBM Nixes Standards Shenanigans; Plus: Flying Lipstick-Wearing Pigs!

IBM has had enough of the silliness that goes on at some of the standards bodies it belongs to. So Big Blue now has a new policy: No shenanigans. Setting standards for hardware, software, communications protocols, document formats -- is a job that's way too important to be done in the dark, says IBM...


The Downside of Ambition: Mozilla’s Crash, Teen Hacker’s Arrest

To kick off the final version of its newest Web browser, Firefox 3, Mozilla created a lot of hoopla about its goal to set a new world record for the most copies of an application downloaded in a single 24-hour period. That really wasn't very difficult, because there was no official record for that b...

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