Top 10 Open Source Developments of 2015

Open source is driving an ever-expanding market. The notion of community-driven development is a growing disruption to proprietary software controlled by commercial vendors, and the free open source software concept has become a major disruption in industry and technology. Open source is so pervasiv...


Kaltura’s Zohar Babin: Video Power to the People

In a world of mostly proprietary video platform developers, success for an open source startup requires very sharp cutting-edge technology. For Kaltura, part of the secret has been making sure that competitive edge is never dulled by settling for being just good enough. The company's management phil...

Linux Foundation Announces Diverse Board of Directors

The Linux Foundation announced on Tuesday its new board of directors, all of whom were chosen to represent the key stakeholders from every corner of the Linux ecosystem, according to the organization. The diverse group includes members from big companies like IBM, Oracle, Intel and Novell, as well a...

IBM Adds Open-Source Agility to Transaction-Processing OS

Users of Transaction Processing Facility (TPF), IBM's mainframe operating system, seem to have both pride in the OS and an inferiority complex, often referring to it as "IBM's unknown operating system." Even IBM called it "little known" in a press release for its latest version of the system, zTPF.

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