The Decade’s Best and Worst Business IT Vendors

The past-decade technology wrap-ups populating the media lately have been entertaining for the most part. Reconsidering the technology deals and products that have arisen since January 1, 2000, is like looking at your high school yearbook. "What was I thinking?" seems the most appropriate response.


Time to Panic About Y2K38?

Macworld dominated the headlines last week, so it's likely many unsuspecting readers were in too comfortable a state of Mac nirvana to realize what was happening in the rest of the world. Snap out of it, people! Y2K38 is coming, and as of Saturday, the 30-year countdown has already begun! Slashdot's...

PalmOne Updates Tungsten with E2

PalmOne today announced Tungsten E2, an update to its popular Tungsten E. E2 adds Bluetooth wireless capability, longer battery life, a better display and flash memory to the PDA standby, which has been on the market since October 2003. The flash memory ensures that even if the batteries drain compl...

Benhamou To Resign as PalmSource Chairman of the Board

PalmSource, provider of Palm OS, an operating system powering next generation mobile devices and smartphones, today announced Eric Benhamou will step down as chairman of the board of directors, further separating two parts of what had been PDA maker Palm. Benhamou is expected to continue to serve as...

SuSE Linux Adds E-Commerce To Portal

Linux vendor SuSE announced this week that it has tapped outsource solutions provider Digital River, Inc. (Nasdaq: DRIV) to turn its online information portal into an e-commerce site.

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