Have Linux Distros Gotten Too Tubby?

The size of Linux's waistline has long been the focus of recurring attention here in the Linux blogosphere, even drawing occasional criticism from Linus Torvalds himself. Recently, however, a fresh weight-related complaint was made -- not about the kernel itself, but about today's Linux distros. "...


The Breakneck Pace of Web 2.0

The navel gazing and gnashing of teeth over the Web 2.0 category reminds me of a chat I had with Joe Firmage back in 1996. He was on the road in Silicon Valley chatting up all the media types and analysts on the extraordinary potential for USWeb, the Web site building and intranet services company h...

Biting the B2B Merger Bullet

E-commerce mergers and acquisitions may not grab much attention, but experts say the B2B sector could see its share of consolidation in the coming months. Experts predict that a still-tough economy could spur some big players to give themselves an edge by acquiring the service capabilities of sma...

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