The Digital Car: Cool Automotive Accessories, Part 2

If Henry Ford were alive today, his jaw might very well drop to the floor. Though Ford's cars were innovative for the time, the automaker probably never could have imagined that the company that bears his name would one day ink a deal with Microsoft for hands-free Bluetooth technology in-vehicle ope...


Ring Tones Ring Up Record Revenue

The simple ding-a-ling heard when an incoming call arrives is being replaced by a bevy of Top 10 tunes. Ring tones -- simple notes or 30-second clips of popular songs -- have emerged as a popular value-added data service for wireless carriers. "One cannot underestimate the interest consumers, especi...


Searching Data: Browsers, Toolbars and the Desktop

Searching for data on a PC used to be a series of isolated activities. Users needed one or more computer-based software utilities to hunt through the hard drive for specific files containing keywords. Finding information beyond the hard disk meant logging in to a library or university system and ent...

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