Internet Players Wrestle with Proposals to Prevent Capture

The Internet is run by a bunch of geeks sitting in a darkened space, lit only by the glow from LED screens, right? That Hollywood image may be how the general public perceives what it takes to send and receive emails, deliver apps, enable electronic transactions, and store great gobs of data. There ...


US Internet Handoff Generates Sparks in Congress

The U.S. government has played a central -- perhaps critical -- role in the development of the Internet. Currently the U.S. retains a stewardship position in the worldwide operation of the Internet through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, an agency within the Commerce ...

Sides Line Up in Google-Perfect 10 Fight

Allies have begun taking sides in a court case that has far-reaching implications for the Internet. At stake is a practice at the heart of the Net: linking information between Web sites. The case pits search Goliath Google against adult entertainment publisher Perfect 10, and is currently before a f...


Shopping in a Maze: Do Your Online Customers Trust You?

Imagine strolling through the front door of your favorite department store, but instead of finding yourself amid a comforting cacophony of display counters, merchandise, and bustling people, you're instead all alone in a strangely geometric room featuring a series of doors labeled "Women," "Men," "K...

Success Story:

JCPenney is the largest national "three-tailer," utilizing traditional brick-and-mortar stores, catalog operations and the Internet to drive sales of its products. Nielsen//Net Ratings ranked as the top apparel and home site, and a top ten site overall, in May and June 2000.

The Magic of Linux

Magic Software Enterprises (Nasdaq: MGIC) has recently positioned itself as a player in the field of Linux-based e-commerce solutions, announcing the availability of its eMerchant product for the increasingly popular open-source operating system (OS).

Elon Musk's Dec. 2 action to release The Twitter Files: Approve or Disapprove?
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