The Next Wave of E-Commerce Technology

In the not-too-distant future, e-commerce technology not only will become smarter and faster, but could completely transform the way companies deal with internal information, customer service and the sales process. This change will occur as new features bring together several separate technologie...

Biting the B2B Merger Bullet

E-commerce mergers and acquisitions may not grab much attention, but experts say the B2B sector could see its share of consolidation in the coming months. Experts predict that a still-tough economy could spur some big players to give themselves an edge by acquiring the service capabilities of sma...

VerticalNet Gains After Scrapping Deal

VerticalNet, Inc. (Nasdaq: VERT) rose 0.406 to 5.343 early Thursday after the company called off its plan to acquire, Inc. (Nasdaq: BTOB). Sierra Cities also gained, picking up 0.156 to 1.812 in the first few minutes of trading.

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