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Study Reveals Open-Source Community’s Diversity Pain Points, Progress

Study after study reveals that diversity among technology builders leads to better, more robust technologies. But the industry continues to struggle with increasing diversity. The open-source software community is no exception. Building and sustaining inclusive communities can attract a more diverse...

OSS News: Learn More Linux, More Zen for ML, Desktop Linux New and Old

As 2021 comes to a close, here's a roundup of some of the latest developments in the world of Linux and open-source software. On the menu we have: Linux Foundation training courses; more Linux desktop features; new OS releases; and a fresh approach to help data scientists handle machine learning.

CyberSec Researchers Reveal 2M Devices Vulnerable as Botnet Launchpad

Firmware security firm Eclypsium and the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC) have issued reports about global hardware flaws and multiple API holes discovered in a call center software suite. The separate reports come on the heels of news from F-Secure that 150 different HP multifunction p...


HP Chromebase Makes Chrome OS Desktops a Smart Choice

HP's Chromebase 22-aa0012 is a unique form factor with a spinning 21.5-inch display, striking performance, and clean aesthetics that make it a game-changing alternative for desktop computers. This all-in-one is the first and only Chrome OS-powered desktop to feature a fully rotating display.

Threat of Ransomware Lurks in Amazon S3 Buckets

New research from cloud security firm Ermetic shows that nearly all businesses have identities that, if compromised, would place at least 90 percent of the S3 buckets in their AWS account at risk. Ermetic conducted the study to determine the circumstances that would allow ransomware to make its way ...

SaaS Boom Puts Software Sellers on Road to Recurring Revenue

Nearly 400 top-level corporate executives at software and device firms responded to a Revenera survey revealing the growing importance of SaaS and subscription models for the software industry. The study shows that today's dominant software monetization models are subscription and perpetual licensin...

OSS News: A Linux Takeover in Germany, Distro Updates, New Projects, Linux Tutelage

Here are some of the latest developments in the world of open source software: A German state is switching 25,000 Windows PCs to Linux; updates to several Linux distros; The Linux Foundation creates the Quantum Intermediate Representation Alliance and new courses for Linux education.


Hack Your Metabolism To Improve Health With the Lumen Smart Device

Lumen is an impressive product with even more impressive results. Weight control may be its primary focus; however, anyone who wants to keep tabs on their overall health can gain tremendous personal insight from checking it out. Combined with its iOS or Android app, the process measures metabolism t...

Freshworks Brings New Tech Stack To Power Startups

The Freshstack product suite combines Freshworks' products to unify startups' customer support, sales, and marketing teams in an easier-to-use package. The new scalable CRM bundle helps startups personalize marketing to generate pipelines, deliver omnichannel service, and grow faster at a price poi...

F-Secure Discovers HP Printers Loaded With Security Holes

The Finland-based security consultancy discovered vulnerabilities affecting over 150 different HP multifunction printer products. Attackers can exploit the flaws to seize control of devices, steal information, and further infiltrate networks to inflict other types of damage, according to F-Secure's ...

Belly Up to the Bar With First-Ever Digital Booze Card

Consumers have a strong appetite for gift cards and gifting alcohol. But until now they could not do both with a branded gift card. The market had none. Beverage alcohol e-commerce platform company Thirstie on Nov. 23 announced the first-ever alcohol branded gift cards with major liquor brands.


How Merchants Can Better Battle Chargebacks and Fraud

Cash flow concerns and fraud are going to be a menace to both retailers and consumers this holiday shopping season. One of the biggest shopping headaches this year will be a much earlier start to the chargeback cycles. Jeff Wixted, vice president of marketing and client solutions at Accertify, discu...

Workplace Report Shows Growing Employer-Employee Attitude Gaps

Research from technology and business solutions firm NTT finds that business leaders are significantly more satisfied with how they have adjusted to new working norms than their employees. The study points to the need for clearer organizational insight into how employees have reevaluated what they n...

Inflation, Cybersecurity Chief Concerns This Holiday Shopping Season

Technical and logistical problems stretching across multiple industries gives both shoppers and retailers reason to double efforts to avoid being hacked this year. Two factors top the list: runaway inflation and increased cyberattacks. Both are stretching spending capacity and digital safety to thei...

Marketers Underestimate Word of Mouth, Overestimate Influencers: Report

Marketing and business communications company R.R. Donnelley & Sons has released a study which reveals that traditional marketing channels, including word of mouth, direct mail, and in-store signage, are largely untapped and underestimated by marketers. The research uncovers significant differen...

OSS News: Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Replacements, Fuzzy Linux Solutions

Open-source innovations and the Linux operating system continue to set complacency aside. Here's a roundup of the latest developments from the Linux Foundation, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SoftMaker, and the Google Open Source Security Team.

It’s Heyday for the Best SMB Brands in the Amazon Marketplace

Heyday does more than acquire brands. Its partnership model enables entrepreneurs to grow their businesses inside of Heyday and share in its equity. This approach gives sellers an edge by architecting supply chains to be agile and work with Fulfillment by Amazon, as well as investing in data capabil...

SMBs Report Sense of Security Despite Rise in Cyberattacks

Entrepreneurs might well be the latest heroes in cyberwarfare. Despite increasing odds of malicious attacks, SMB owners are forging ahead with a newfound sense of security. Untangle's fourth annual SMB IT Security Report shows that SMBs have adapted to a changing work environment, addressed an influ...


Future-Proofing Retail Operations in the Era of Supply Chain Chaos

Closing physical storefronts in favor of internet-based direct-to-consumer selling options is not necessarily the best approach for typical store owners, according to Mark Delaney, retail industry consultant at Zebra Technologies. The E-Commerce Times heard more from Delaney in a wide-ranging conver...


Hunting for Kernel Glitches, DevSec Tools, Edge for Linux, More Ubuntu Outlets

Today LinuxInsider introduces a bimonthly news column to summarize some of the Linux and open-source consumer and enterprise events scattered around the Linux Sphere. Look forward to an assortment of topics that will keep Linux users and open-source supporters up to speed with new developments.

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