Google Shows Off a Chrome Tablet With 1,000 Faces

Fresh off the introduction of its Nexus One smartphone, hailed by some tech analysts as the first real iPhone killer candidate, Google has debuted mockups of a possible tablet device running its yet-to-be released open source Chrome operating system.


  • It’s odd to claim that an Apple-only economy-sized iPod running the same old iPhone apps is revolutionary, while a tablet environment available from an array of corporations and for which the Internet is the app store is old school. Seriously?

    The iPad will probably sell well to its core constituency, but Chromium’s long term disruptive influence is probably larger.

    Consider Android vs. iPhone. Even given the iPhone’s several year head start, both Gartner and IDC predict Android will leapfrog it in terms of installed base by 2012 – largely because Android is open and available from so many sources with so many different feature sets, compared to Apple’s "any feature set you want as long as it’s this one" approach.

    I don’t see anything that will make the iPad different – and this from someone who’s owned several tablets since 2006. The iPad has some nice features, and will likely be welcomed by the Apple faithful, but it’s neither a revolution nor a future market leader.

    IMHO, of course. 😉

  • Some one is being pulled into a politically motivated fantasy by Google. There is an iPad, we’ve seen it and so have numerous industry experts, it exists. The Google Netbook is total fantasy designed to hurt Apple’s Business. Also there is no system to run it.

    Google is very close to anti-trust and definitely a monopoly. Are they evil, you can count on it.

  • It seems as though the Apple product is presented as something new and the Google product as the nothing much new.

    The google products lacking legacy problems is an interesting point. The BIG point is that the truly new paradigm is being pierced by Google while Apple and Microsoft cling to the old while getting people like Pearson to drink the cool-aid and practically blow off the reality of what is so importantly revolutionary here.

    The new paradigm is open source software, cloud computing and unlocked hardware, Google is beginning to champion all three. Apple and Microsoft absolutely undoubtedly resist all three.

    Get with the program Pearson.

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