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Socializing the Storefront, Part 2: Navigating the Scene

Incorporating social media strategies into your marketing plan is no cut-and-paste job. You've got to know your clientele and what appeals to them, and you have to engage them in a conversation rather than simply spew offers at them. In fact, if you don't have the desire to commit yourself to social...

Socializing the Storefront, Part 1: Give Them Something to Talk About

Social networking platforms can be powerful tools. Twitter strikes fear into the hearts of repressive regimes, and Facebook was nearly single-handedly responsible for the revival of Betty White's career. So how can something with that much influence be easy and unintimidating for a small-business ow...

What Makes Android Tick

To the average user, Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platforms are two variations of the same thing -- they're just software that runs smartphones. Both offer touchscreen capabilities, and both offer third-party applications that enhance the experience. The differences, however, are significant,...


Handcent SMS: Straight Up or With a Twist

I had an idea the other day: I wondered whether there was a text-messaging application available for Android that offered a soft keyboard similar to the iPhone's. I checked out the Android Market and found that Handcent's SMS app had the highest rating of the messaging apps, so I decided to try it.


‘Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile’: Head-Bangin’ Good

I'm not what you would call a major gamer, but I've played the console version of "Guitar Hero: World Tour," and I didn't get booed off the stage every time. So that makes me an expert, right? When you're playing "Guitar Hero" on a mobile phone, the most important thing to bear in mind is that you'r...


QuickOffice for Android: Fills a Need but Not Worth the Price

If nothing else, you've got to give the people over at QuickOffice credit for being early movers. They are the first to bring us an application that will open Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets on an Android-based phone. They're also the first, to my knowledge, to figure out how to reor...


Where’s Got Everything You Need Right There

Where aggregates content from a variety of content providers, and they're all location-based. Need a fill-up, or a cup of coffee, or maybe a quick dozen roses? No problem. The main page is a grid of icons. There's one for Yelp, which brings up a list of Yelp categories such as restaurants, home serv...


TeeDroid Caddy Does Everything but Carry Your Clubs

There are as many dedicated gadgets out there for golf range finding as there are gadget makers. Since I only play golf a couple of times a year, it doesn't really make sense for me to buy a $200 range finder. TeeDroid Caddy, which costs less than 20 bucks for an annual subscription and resides on m...


Brain Genius Deluxe for Android: Simple, Entertaining, Buggy

When I first spotted Brain Genius, I figured it would be a fun way to while away some extra minutes and maybe beef up my brain cells a bit. This game is developed by Glu Mobile, which is one of the more prolific developers for the Android platform as well as for other mobile platforms. Glu makes sev...


FBook: A Diluted Version of the Real Thing

I admit it, I've developed a bit of a Facebook addiction. It's nothing serious -- I can stop any time I want, but this app might prove to be a bit of a setback for me. FBook is a client that offers much -- but not all -- of the functionality of Facebook on your G1. It offers the ability to upload ph...


Wikitude: A Promising First Step for a Virtual Tour Guide

Wikitude was a top-50 finalist in the Android Developer Challenge, and like ShopSavvy, it is a good illustration of what's possible with the mashing together of the G1's capabilities. In this case, Wikitude uses the GPS for location-awareness and combines that with the wealth of information that's a...


ShopSavvy for Android: More Pretty Than Practical

One of the winners of the Android Developer Challenge, ShopSavvy uses the G1's camera and GPS chip to compare prices of everyday products. To use it, you open the application, select "Search for a product," and scan the product's bar code with the viewfinder. The application searches a database for ...


CardioTrainer: A Great Way to Track the Ground You Cover

CardioTrainer was one of the first apps I downloaded when I got my G1. If you're the outdoorsy type, it should serve your needs quite well, whether you're a cyclist, runner, hiker or just want to track your daily walks. The application is easy to use. Launching it calls up a start screen, and pushi...


Imeem for Android Will Rock Your G1

Imeem for Android is a music application from available for free at the Android Market. This application caught my eye as one of the early front-runners in popularity at the Android Market. I've been using it for about a month, and I listen just about daily. As a music app, it's faster and...


PicSay Gives Your Photos a Little Attitude

PicSay is one of the winners of the Android Developer Challenge, a contest Google set up to get a batch of decent apps into the Market in time for its launch. Cash prizes went to the devs who built the coolest apps for the platform. It's just an entertaining little app -- it's not likely you'll be u...


Will the Real Kevin Martin Please Stand Up?

Kevin Martin has had it pretty rough these last few weeks. The guy can't catch a break -- from being painted as a bully and a bad manager by a House committee report to being dressed down by the Commerce Secretary and called out as crooked by The Wall Street Journal. If I were him, I'd bury myself i...


No Love, but Plenty of Like, for the G1

I've been using a T-Mobile G1 for about a month now, and while it's the best phone I've ever owned (yes, I bought it), I haven't yet found myself saying "I love this phone." I like it plenty, don't get me wrong, but like any device, it's got things about it that are frustrating and other things that...


Microsoft’s Chinese Folly

Microsoft has angered Chinese computer users with its latest antipiracy move. On Tuesday, during its Global Anti-Piracy Day, Microsoft turned Windows Genuine Advantage loose on the Chinese people. Other users worldwide are familiar with WGA, which famously labeled legitimate users as pirates and dis...


DMCA Comes Back to Bite McCain

YouTube has pulled some videos posted by the McCain campaign after receiving complaints from news outlets that they were violating copyright. Here's a case in which YouTube has fallen victim to its own fear -- the fear of being sued by media companies as large as itself -- and the Republican preside...


One Less Windows User

As editor for LinuxInsider for more than a year now, I figured the time was right to start walking the walk with my personal machine. So I took my Dell Inspiron 1150 to this year's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo with the intention of switching my operating system to one of the many Linux distros.

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